Phased Re-Opening Underway

A phased re-opening of the Murray Ridge Adult Day Centers is currently underway for eligible individuals who reside in the family home. More information on the phased re-opening is available through our Service & Support Administration Department.

You may contact us by phone with any specific concerns or questions. The phone numbers for all Agency programs/facilities (except the Meister Road Home) will be routed to a single line that will be staffed by a receptionist during regular business hours (between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, except on any holidays or Program Closing Days reflected on the Agency calendar). One phone number that may be used to connect with the receptionist on duty during regular business hours is the phone number for our Administrative Offices: (440) 329-3734. For emergencies outside of regular business hours, please call the Crisis Hotline at (440) 282-1131.

1091 Infirmary Road, Elyria, OH 44053





Must have a Bachelors degree. Must possess Intervention Specialist licensure by the State of Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Must continue professional growth and certification. Ability to use Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Must have a valid Ohio driver’s license and a fully insured, personal vehicle for agency use. Must possess and maintain a good driving record. Must demonstrate continuous satisfactory job performance. Must have a record of reliable work attendance.

Must be able to meet all requirements and obtain all certificates required to perform the job or any aspect of the job and to access funding for performance of any aspect of the job.


Possess an Intervention Specialist Moderate/Intensive Educational Needs (K-12) licensure. Experience in working with students with developmental disabilities. Ability to use iPad and spreadsheet software.


Instruct classes by developing and implementing activities designed to address needs/goals/objectives based on a student’s Individual Educational Plan (IEP). Provide guidance and assistance at all times to students. Attend to duties as assigned. Offer needed direction to insure implementation of programs/plans.

Develop/monitor IEP objectives/goals. Record and track relevant data. Submit lesson plans designed to meet student needs, and reflect teacher/school aide activities.

Be familiar with and use multifactored data to construct realistic and attainable goals/objectives for IEPs.

Submit written reports to parents and transdisciplinary team; maintain needed documents and records.

Develop, implement, monitor and document behavior and behavior changes.

Complete ODE-related reports and perform ODE-related activities as requested.

Assure health and safety by administering and following through medical procedures, use proper transfer and positioning techniques, and maintain a safe and clean teaching environment.

Foster positive public relations by attending open houses, parent-teacher conferences, and all other meetings as warranted/assigned.


School day schedule, Monday-Friday, except on meeting night plus one additional meeting per month, assigned. Follows Board-approved Murray Ridge School calendar. Flexible as needed.


Level 6 (Instructor scale)


280 calendar days


This agency supports the full intent and goals of Equal Employment Opportunities and insures that all employees and applicants will be afforded equal opportunities for appointment, promotion, training, career advancement and recognition without regard to mental handicap, physical handicap, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age or political affiliation.

R. December 2021

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