Phased Re-Opening Underway

A phased re-opening of the Murray Ridge Adult Day Centers is currently underway for eligible individuals who reside in the family home. More information on the phased re-opening is available through our Service & Support Administration Department.

You may contact us by phone with any specific concerns or questions. The phone numbers for all Agency programs/facilities (except the Meister Road Home) will be routed to a single line that will be staffed by a receptionist during regular business hours (between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, except on any holidays or Program Closing Days reflected on the Agency calendar). One phone number that may be used to connect with the receptionist on duty during regular business hours is the phone number for our Administrative Offices: (440) 329-3734. For emergencies outside of regular business hours, please call the Crisis Hotline at (440) 282-1131.

1091 Infirmary Road, Elyria, OH 44053

Vocational Habilitation Services

Man with face mask using a hand sanderMurray Ridge Center provides Vocational Habilitation opportunities to eligible adults.

Murray Ridge Center has three Opportunity/Vocational Centers that provide training for the development of work skills.

Program participants receive vocational training and are paid for performing a variety of jobs from local businesses. Jobs may include collating, assembling, inspecting, sorting, bagging, heat sealing, shrink wrapping, packaging, and other work tasks. Development of these work skills may help and individual prepare for Individual Employment.

Community Volunteer experiences are available based upon program participants’ interest.

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