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Services for Children

Murray Ridge School – Working to Help Students Achieve

Murray Ridge School provides educational services to eligible children and their families living in Lorain County.

Early Intervention Services stimulate the development of children birth through two years.

Preschool Classes integrate children with special needs with typically developing peers.

School-age Classes offer instruction designed to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities in Primary, Intermediate, and Senior learning areas.

The staff provide a safe, nurturing environment where students profit from a functional, life skills curriculum guided by Individual Educational Plans jointly planned by parents, local school districts, and Murray Ridge teachers.

Educational services begin with Early Intervention for families of eligible infants and toddlers. Included are evaluations, support, home visits by specialists, play groups, and information about resources.

Children may enter our Preschool program at age three. Students with disabilities learn along with typically developing peers and engage in activities such as music, art, physical education, and pre-academic skills.

The School-age program utilizes a functional life skills curriculum. Students 6 through 21 attend classes designed to meet their specific needs. Functional academics, vocational skills, leisure time activities and social opportunities make up the basis of lessons specifically designed to meet a student’s individual goals and objectives. Art, music, gym, and swim supplement the curriculum.

For students at Murray Ridge School, classroom learning is supplemented by lessons in the community. Field trips and community outings are a major part of ensuring students have access to many of the activities and opportunities that Lorain County has to offer.

The capstone experience for a student at Murray Ridge School is a Transition Year; a specifically designed program that provides an organized transition experience for students is implemented to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transition into life beyond school.

Murray Ridge School offers a team approach to meet the needs of the students it serves.

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