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Adult Day Support Services

Murray Ridge Center provides eligible participants with a variety of services and supports to enhance quality of life and promote individual self-determination. Our services include:

  • School to Work Transition
  • Assistance to develop community access skills
  • Community-based services that foster relationship building with community members
  • Community-based volunteer opportunities
  • Self Advocacy
  • Medication administration, health monitoring and supports under the supervision of a registered nurse
  • Speech and swallowing evaluations, language and communication therapy, and training in augmentative communication devices by our licensed Speech and Language Pathologists
  • Physical and Occupational therapy services and evaluations. Training in sensory integration services. Assistance with ordering adaptive equipment through Medicaid.
  • Adaptive technology assessment and development for vocational, self-care, communication, and other identified needs
  • Community-based physical fitness and Special Olympics
  • Supportive Home Services for medically fragile individuals unable to attend day programs

Our trained, certified staff provide assistance and training in our Opportunity/Vocational Centers (OVCs) and other community sites to develop the following skills:

  • Community access, relationship building, interpersonal and social development, and community safety
  • Personal safety via training in Abuse Violence Educational Recognition Training (AVERT)
  • Emotional and behavioral adjustment and assistance with Behavior Supports
  • Personal care, meal assistance, positioning, ambulation, mobility, communication and use of adaptive equipment
  • Use of electronic technology (computers, iPads) and social media safety
  • Arts and music appreciation, including singing/karaoke, dancing, painting, and crafting; we have a Bell Choir, Choraleer Group, and the Cheerleading Squad
  • Functional academics (math, money management, writing) in groups and/or individual study, games, educational movies
  • Health and physical fitness (walking, bowling, swimming, exercise)