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SSA-Assistant Behavior Analyst




Bachelor degree in related field from an accredited college or university, and knowledge of DD population and community resources. Problem solving skills. Must possess or be able to obtain, upon hire, DODD Service and Support Administrator certification.

Must have at least three years of paid, full-time (or equivalent part-time) experience in developing and implementing behavioral support and/or risk reduction strategies or plans, or hold a professional license/certification issued by one of the following Ohio boards: psychology, medical, or counselor and social worker.

Possess a high level of detail orientation; excellent mastery of language; strong writing skills; ability to clearly communicate verbally and in writing; mathematical aptitude; and proficiency with computer, phone and other related technology. Proficient with Windows-based operating environment, Microsoft Word and using the internet. Must possess good interpersonal skills.

Must have a current valid Ohio driver license and an insured personal vehicle for agency use. Must possess and maintain a good driving record. Must have a record of reliable work attendance and demonstrate continuous satisfactory job performance.

Must be able to meet all requirements and obtain all certificates required to perform the job or any aspect of the job, and to access funding for performance of any aspect of the job.


Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst.

Proficient with Microsoft Outlook and Excel. Fluent in Spanish as well as English.

Demonstrated, successful experience with adults, children and families in the application of behavioral intervention. Experience providing direct behavioral intervention with children on the Autism Spectrum. Knowledge of behavior intervention techniques, impact of environments on behaviors, and sensory integration and relaxation techniques; ability to apply this knowledge in providing behavior intervention services.


Based upon training, conduct comprehensive behavioral analysis, identifying contextual precursors and probable causes of target behaviors in an individual’s various environments. Based on analyses, for the purpose of bringing about desired change, recommend options that are consistent with accepted behavior principles. Identify behavior supports and programs based on individual assessed needs and preferred ways of meeting such needs. Facilitate development of behavior support strategies, and lead/attend related meetings.

Consult formal and informal caregivers regarding implementation of behavioral interventions for individuals with damaging behaviors; perform on-site, in-person observations/consultations. Review the effectiveness and impact of and, as indicated, update and revise behavior support strategies.

Be knowledgeable of, complete referrals for, participate in and provide leadership on the follow up recommended as a result of technical assistance programs for addressing damaging behaviors of youth and adults.

Develop plans for the individual with the active participation of the individual and others. Establish individual budgets for services, supports and programs based on individual assessed needs and preferred ways of meeting such needs.

Assist individuals in selecting providers of their choosing for services and supports. Ensure that services and supports are effectively coordinated and provided by applicable providers. Per procedure, monitor the implementation of individual plans to ensure adherence to ISP provisions ad support of desired outcomes.

Monitor for and facilitate plans of correction for cases of abuse, neglect or exploitation of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Communicate in a positive reassuring way with clients and their families.


Generally, an approved 40 hour per week schedule, Monday-Friday. Flexible as needed.


Level 6.5


280 calendar days


Human Resources Department or hrdept@murrayridgecenter.org


This agency supports the full intent and goals of Equal Employment Opportunities and insures that all employees and applicants will be afforded equal opportunities for appointment, promotion, training, career advancement and recognition without regard to mental handicap, physical handicap, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age or political affiliation.

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