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Investigative Agent




Bachelor degree in law enforcement, Social Services, health or behavioral sciences, education or related field.

Must possess a high level of analytic ability, excellent mastery of language, strong writing skills, ability to clearly communicate verbally and in writing, mathematical aptitude, and proficiency with computer. Proficiency with Windows-based operating environment, Microsoft Word, using the internet, and conducting on-line searches.

Attentiveness to detail, and deadlines. Ability to handle multiple projects at one time. Strong organizational skills.

Must have a valid Ohio driver’s license and an insured personal vehicle for agency use. Must have demonstrated satisfactory job performance. Must provide proof of an established pattern of excellent attendance.

Must be able to obtain Ohio DODD Investigative Agent certification. Must be able to meet all requirements and obtain all certificates required to perform the job or any aspect of the job, and to access funding for performance of any aspect of the job.


Experience providing or supervising direct care of individuals with developmental disabilities. Knowledge of Medicaid and Ohio DODD requirements regarding safety and health issues. Experience in conducting criminal and administrative investigations.


Upon receipt of MUI information, review, investigate, report and provide follow-up according to Ohio DODD rules and regulations and LCBDD policies and procedures.

Conduct interviews with individuals and witnesses of investigations within the timeframe required by DODD, travel to the scene of the incident when necessary and gather all relevant documentation to determine causes and contributing factors of the incident.

Write complete and thorough reports summarizing the findings and conclusions of investigations utilizing the format prescribed by DODD for each incident category.

Provide oversight, reviews, and analysis of provider documentation as it applies to pertinent section(s) of Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).

Provide annual and initial trainings, ongoing support, and resources for providers and LCBDD staff.

Work with team members to ensure that appropriate prevention plans are developed and implemented to reduce the likelihood of incidents recurring.

Create forms, documents, handouts etc. as needed, and follow through with updating any forms used by the Investigative Agents.


8:00 am-4:00 pm., Monday-Friday; flexible as needed. Must be available to answer the agency’s 24-hr MUI reporting line per the designated rotation schedule.


Level 6 (Management Contract)


This agency supports the full intent and goals of Equal Employment Opportunities and insures that all employees and applicants will be afforded equal opportunities for appointment, promotion, training, career advancement and recognition without regard to mental handicap, physical handicap, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age or political affiliation.

R. December 2021

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