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On Friday, March 24th, Lorain Mayor Jack Bradley paid a special visit to the Lorain Opportunity and Vocational Center (LOVC), which he called one of the “hidden treasures” of Lorain. “I was really impressed with the good work that you guys do here,” Mayor Bradley observed in the video he posted on his Facebook page. In the video, LOVC Director Cindy White and Murray Ridge Center Superintendent Amber Fisher answered his questions about the facility and Murray Ridge Center in general.

“He literally walked through the whole building meeting everybody,” White recalled of the Mayor’s visit. “He shook everyone’s hands and the consumers were hugging him.” LOVC Habilitation Manager Gregg Heiden added, “They talked about it all day afterwards, saying ‘I met the mayor!’”

“It’s such a nice group of people that work here,” Mayor Bradley beamed. “You’re not only a hidden treasure of Lorain, but you guys are angels.”