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Adult Program Instructor




High school diploma or GED. Must be able to transfer/lift adult consumers from a wheelchair to toilet or changing table. Must be able to move/transfer production materials and maintenance equipment.

Must be able to use computers to access and utilize email, the agency database, policy and procedure manuals, forms/templates, the internet, and Microsoft Word or other word processing programs as applicable. Must be able to use computers, iPads, and other technologies to engage consumers in activities.

Must have a valid Ohio driver’s license and an insured personal vehicle for agency use. Must have a good driving record. Must have a record of reliable work attendance. Must have a history of satisfactory job performance. Must be able to meet all requirements and obtain all certificates required to perform the job or any aspect of the job and to access funding for performance of any aspect of the job. Must possess and maintain current First Aid and CPR certification.


One or more years experience working in the field of developmental disabilities. Demonstrated strength in developing and coordinating activities for people with developmental disabilities. One year experience in production/contract work. Two or more years experience in a manufacturing environment. Ability to create and generate reports and set up iPad programs.


Provide Adult Day, Vocational Habilitation and Group Employment Waiver services to consumers in a variety of settings including the Opportunity/Vocational Centers and community settings.

For Adult Day services, develop and implement daily Activity Plans that include skill-based training activities that work on each consumer’s interests and desired outcomes from the person centered plan. Provide delegated nursing services such as administration of medications and assistance providing personal care tasks such as toileting and feeding. Develop, coordinate and implement community based services that work on the interests and desired outcomes of the consumers, including volunteering. Provide transportation to community sites.

For Vocational Habilitation services, set up and assign production work in the Opportunity/Vocational Centers. Instruct and provide step by step training on production tasks. Inspect all work completed to ensure 100% quality control. Accurately record time sheets of work completed for each consumer. Complete other production related paperwork.

For Group Employment, transport and supervise individuals at community Enclave sites. Provide hands-on training at various Enclave sites. Ensure 100% quality control and customer satisfaction. Communicate professionally with community employers. Accurately record time sheets of work completed at the Enclave sites for each consumer.

Attend meetings as required.

Accurately document services provided on agency documentation forms.

Record and update consumer attendance records.

Work independently with limited supervision.


40 hours per week. Generally, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Flexible as needed by agency.


Level 3


280 calendar days (initial); 90 calendar days (non-initial)


This agency supports the full intent and goals of Equal Employment Opportunities and insures that all employees and applicants will be afforded equal opportunities for appointment, promotion, training, career advancement and recognition without regard to mental handicap, physical handicap, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age or political affiliation.

R. December 2021

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