Supported Employment

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Murray Ridge Supported Employment services provides qualified workers to Lorain County businesses, as well as employer assistance and training in areas such as:

  • Pre-screening and hiring
  • Financial incentives for hiring individuals with disabilities
  • Meeting diversification goals
  • Access to skilled/knowledgeable labor pool
  • On-the-job training for new hires
  • Job analysis/job modification assistance
  • Disability awareness
  • Americans with Disabilities Act and reasonable accommodations

Our Supported Employment Program provides services to more than 400 people with disabilities. These services assist individuals to choose, obtain, and maintain integrated employment in the community using the following methods:

Community Employment

The individual is placed in an integrated community job where training is provided for the person to learn and perform the job. The individual is employed by the company, paid competitive wages, and provided with benefits (if applicable). Support services are provided to the employer and employee on an as-needed basis.

Group Employment Supports

Provided to individuals who work as a team at a single work-site with ongoing support provided by on-site staff.

Our Vocational Rehabilitation services consist of the following:


Assessment includes a work evaluation, situational assessments, and a vocational profile.

Work evaluation consists of gathering, interpreting, analyzing, and synthesizing of all vocationally significant data.

The vocational evaluation utilizes job analysis, psychometric testing, work simulation including work samples, and situational assessments (on-the-job tryouts) to determine an individual’s vocational strengths and needs. Short term situational assessments of one to two weeks provide information concerning the individual’s interests, aptitudes, and abilities for a given job.

A vocational profile consists of gathering information about an individual’s career interest and providing services designed to aid in the exploration of a variety of work environments to determine a career direction.


The program goal is to maximize the employability, independence, integration, and participation of people with disabilities in the workplace and in the community. Murray Ridge Program Participants are taught effective techniques for selecting, securing, and maintaining employment.


Job coaching services are tailored to meet the needs of the particular individuals being served and the employer.

The Job Coach provide individualized instruction at the job site. This instruction could encompass mobility training, social skills training, personal hygiene, and job training. Additionally, the Job Coach serves as a support consultant to employers by training supervisors and co-workers to be more effective in their interactions with employees who have disabilities. As a support consultant, the Job Coach is able to engineer the social and physical environment so that the worker with the disability is not always the target of the change.

Systematic fading of Job Coach supervision will begin as soon as possible without jeopardizing the job placement.


These services are designed to promote job adjustment and retention, and include:

Maintaining contact with the employer and individual to ensure both are satisfied

Addressing problems in job restructuring and additional training

Assisting with using natural support and community resources


Autumn Aegis Retirement Center
Beckett Gas
Bob Evans    
Brew Kettle
Dunkin’ Donuts
Giant Eagle
Harrison Ford
Home Depot
Horizon Education Centers
IGA Amherst
Keystone Schools
Lorenzo’s Pizza
Oberlin Inn
Pierre Foods
Ruby Tuesday
St. Mary of the Woods
University Hospital
Wesleyan Village


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